7 February 2011 (part 2)

It struck us that not all of our lovely readers have visited Fjordnær before, and that we should perhaps provide some context.  In October 2009 we were lucky enough to have Fjordnær photographed by the fabulous and talented Anne Mie Dreves for a feature in BestMag.

Two views of our spread:

And some of Anne Mie’s gorgeous portraits…

Us at the front door:

Anders picking apples for Anne Mie:

The courtyard:

Anders hard at work:

More fruit on the ancient apple tree.  We don’t know the variety, but it’s been here for a very long time:

Gaillardia and an English rose (‘L.D. Braithwaite’) in the house border:

Dining room with a fab plant pest poster (thanks Lotte!) that never fails to terrify kids.  (Now retired.):

Our beloved and eternally happy Swedish Vallhund, Maud:

The lake, house courtesy of Anders’ nephews:

Dappled sunlight in the old orchard:

Blue sky, sunshine and apples – Fjordnær at its autumnal best:

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